Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My word of 2016: Engage

By Arnia Kiara Oosthuizen

Every year I pick a word which I try to live by for the whole year. Last year it was Adventure and the year before that Happiness...

This year I picked the word: Engage!

I haven't blogged in AGES, because life was happening to me.... 

"Life happens when you are busy making other plans"-John Lennon.

In a car accident, in September, I broke my arm very badly. I had to get an operation on my broken arm, so it would heal correctly. I was down in the dumps and feeling very negative about the whole situation, but the later I got a Robocop-arm and the humor about it started to set in and I started embracing it!

My beautiful iron arm!

The Robocop-arm/ Arm brace

After I started embracing my situation, as well as my beautiful, recovering arm; I started thinking about what I learned and what I would like to change about my life. There are a lot of things that I want to change, but there was one aspect that I wanted to change and that is to be more PRESENT. I want to be in the moment. 

How often does it happen right in a conversation that you are not really present. Constantly thinking about other stuff like: "Does this person like me?", "What is that story that Kate told me the other day that is also about Christmas, which was so funny?" You forget to enjoy the moment for what it is. Your head is occupied with other BS, instead of enjoying the moment for what it is!

I want to stop listening to that inner voice constantly thinking of a reply or great stories to tell. I want to LISTEN! I want to ENGAGE in the conversation! I want to ENGAGE in the world around me! I want to be in the car, playing the music real loud and look with wondering eyes at the world outside. Not thinking about the great night I had or about what is next. Just being.  Just being there in the moment. 


Simply engaging in the world around me and with the people around me!

May you all have a prosperous 2016 and have all the happiness!

What are your words for 2016?

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Why everyone should go to a Rodeo, at least once in their life...

By Arnia Kiara Oosthuizen

“It’s boots and chaps, cowboy hats, spurs and latigo, ropes and the reins & the joy and the pain; They call the thing Rodeo.” -Anonymous

Being in Texas is surreal. Everything about Texas screams beauty; everything is green and big and it kinda feels like home. There is a rich, cultural history and it is also the place that stole my heart! We had the opportunity and privilege to experience Rodeo at Tejas Rodeo on the 4th of July celebrations.

My family and I at Tejas Rodeo

Here’s why Rodeos are awesome:

1. There is eye candy for everyone: Women: The cowboys who are riding the bulls/horses are gorgeous! They are strong, handsome and they are entertaining to watch… doesn’t it sound amazing?

Men: The women watching the rodeos are gorgeous, as well. Dresses/ skirts, boots and cowboy hats, need I say more? I think not.

2. It is great fun for everyone to watch! It is entertaining to watch the barrel jumping, the horse riding, the bull catching and the bull-riding. Children can participate in the ‘Mutton Bustin’ where they try to catch sheep or the calves. The women can enjoy the eye candy around them, as well as in the arena and the men can enjoy the view around them and all the action in the arena! Score, right?

3. There is a dance and live music afterwards! Hello, is this not a bargain and a score? You can dance the night away with your friends/family, plus you can dance with the cowboy/cowgirl, that you have been eyeing the whole night. The live music is also great; country singers, line dancing… Need I say more?

4. It is affordable: It is hours of entertainment and great fun for the whole family. It is worth every single penny.

5. The beer is cold: It is summer and EXTREMELY hot at the rodeos in summertime, but there is a cure! BEER!!!!! So drink up and enjoy!

My sister enjoying the action in the arena


If all this is not motivation enough, just go anyway! Put it in your Bucket List! Just try it! If you don’t enjoy it, then I will apologize and send a chocolate, but I doubt that I will ever have to do that! There is entertainment for everyone and it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


From the girl buying a mechanical bull to practice her bull-riding…

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Texas, the Lone Star State that stole my heart.

By Arnia Kiara Oosthuizen

I haven't blogged in a while, because I had exams in June and then went on an amazing holiday to San Antonio, Texas.
After the holiday our plane landed, I have hit the ground running when university started two weeks ago. So it has been hectic! But this post is not about how hectic it is going, but rather how amazing my holiday was...


My uncle has been living in San Antonio, Texas, for the past few years. My grandparents and aunt already went to visit him, ranting on about the beautiful country, so finally our turn came to visit him. We swapped  our very cold winter here in South-Africa for a very hot summer there! So here is my general feeling about San Antonio and Texas:

  • Texas is green: Coming home felt like leaving Avatar to come back to Earth. We left the green, beautiful, warm and green country to come back to a very dull and cold South-Africa. While flying over Texas, we just saw green green trees and land and then a few hours later, we flew over South-Africa, the brown, dull country of ours. 
The Valero Trailhead- the green is everywhere and majestically beautiful!
  • Everything is big; the food, cars (trucks), the drinks, the roads (which is mostly highways), did I mention the food?

My dad next to a truck- it is BIG!!!

The highway interchanges goes 4-5 levels up! Holy crap that is high and MASSIVE!!!
  • Everything works; Postal services, packages arrive a day after it has been ordered, without getting stolen! People want to work there, they don't have the attitude of that they HAVE to work, they WANT to!
  • Their beer is AMAZING! 
  • They have Rodeos!!!!! You know like the sexy cowboys and bull-riding... Like where do I sign-up for a sexy cowboy husband??? 
Looking all cowgirl-ish
  • It is safe! We did not have to check over our shoulders or be afraid. Even the dodge areas of San Antonio didn't scare us. There is not crime like we know it in South-Africa. We felt safe and relaxed. Postal services can drop packages in front of your door, without it getting stolen. 
  • We were in the company of two gorgeous dogs: Mila and Percy!
Mila and my sister

Percy getting some loving from my uncle

The locals are so friendly! The locals always greet you and they always ask where you are from. They made me feel welcome and at home. My 'thank-you' was always met with a reply of 'you're welcome'! They have manners like you cannot believe...

San Antonio has stolen my heart! I still want to travel the world and see all there is to see, but I think that San Antonio will be my home one day. It is the type of place where I can live out my days with my family and be extremely happy.

So, how can I get my green card?

I will be writing of my trip in more detail on my other blog: In Travel Of Adventures.
Check it out and follow my journey...

Friday, June 19, 2015

When dreams have to be put on hold

By Arnia Kiara Oosthuizen

When you know you have given your all, there is nothing more you can do.

I have failed my accounting exam. I have failed. I cannot write the rewrite, because we will be in San Antonio Texas! In your final year, you sometimes get a second rewrite, but you have to write the first rewrite and fail to get the opportunity to the second rewrite.

Unfortunately, I cannot write the first rewrite, which means I have to do it again next year. I was planning to Au pair in the Netherlands next year and travel the world a bit. But that dream has to be put on hold.

Everything happens for a reason. Therefore, I will make the best of this major  minor set back. I will get a job close to the university or maybe at the university if I am lucky. I will complete accounting and maybe do a creative course or two in Communication related things. But while I'm working, I will try to save loads of money to travel the world in 2017.

I will make the best of this set back, like I said, everything happens for a reason. Maybe I will save enough money to have a royal time overseas. Haha wishful thinking! The Rand is so weak against the Dollar, Pound and Euro that our money means almost nothing! But every bit helps!

I shall make the best of 2016! Nothing will get me down! Challenge accepted!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cheers to the first semester!!!

By Arnia Kiara Oosthuizen

"I look my best when I'm totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach."- Rosamund Pike

Finally, after all the blood, sweat and tears, my semester has ended. Exams are like so yesterday. Or the day before that....


Let's drink to that!!!

Cheers to the first semester!
Now my fun-packed holiday can start. I am talking chilling, sleeping late, spending time with the friends and the for the Grand Finale: SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS!!!!!!!

Hope you have successful exams and fun-filled holidays.