Friday, January 23, 2015

How to be an employee from hell

By Arnia Kiara Oosthuizen

Holiday jobs always have their ups and downs. This job was the best holiday job that I had, by far! But I had to train the new girl who is going to replace me and she is THE EMPLOYEE FROM HELL!

So this is how to be the employee from hell:

  • Go for the job interview in tracksuit and slipper shoes.
  • Be smarter than everyone in the office that has been working there for years.

  • When the boss asks for coffee, say NO because you are busy with the work that he gave you.
  • When your colleagues offer you lunch, say you are fasting for no apparent reason
  • Smell like sweat.

  • Smell like cigarettes.
  • Climb on the hip of the person training you, who accidentally hates the smell of cigarettes.

  • Wear jeans and slipper shoes the whole week, even though Friday is the only day that jeans are allowed.

  • Say that you get the filing system and no help is needed anymore, stuff it up, just so you can get the person, who is training you, in trouble.

  • Say no to colleagues when they ask you to watch out for their fax, because you are busy with the machine. 
"Like yeah, I'll quickly call the people who is sending the fax and tell them to hold it, so that Your Royal Highness can finish your job."

  • Smoke a packet of cigarettes per day, but tell everyone how poor you are.
  • Tell your colleagues that you and your sister have a good relationship and you sort out your problems by hitting one another.
  • If a colleague asks you to do something, ALWAYS have a reply ready to reject their request.


  • Tell people you are going to the loo. Come back smelling like smoke and glasses that went shady because you were outside. (Didn't know she found a longdrop?) 
"You know there is toilets on the inside of the building, right?'
'Yeah, but I prefer the longdrop that makes me smell like smoke."

This pretty much explains my experience when the training the new girl at the company. I won't be there to save her butt if she messes up anymore, so good luck in keeping that job! I'm sure people are thrilled with you being a:

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