Monday, August 4, 2014

Women's rights in the month of August

By Arnia Kiara Oosthuizen

So if you haven't noticed, the month of August has crept up on us like a mouse wearing socks. Only four months 'til the end of the year... scary thought. But the month of August has a great significance to me and many other women around the world. It is the month of Women Rights.
On the 9th, we have Women's Day and is a public holiday.
On the 9th of August, 1956, women marched for their rights here in South-Africa. They marched to gain their right to vote, to be considered equal. Now, if you think all women are considered as equal, please watch this video:

The video of a Saudi Arabian woman, who does not have 'Women Rights'. Please note the video is graphic and can be offensive to sensitive viewers.

At the end of the video she pleas for help. For her. For other women. Because it can't go on like this! Women need to be seen as people and not as property, who you can beat up as you please. NO! We are equal in each and every way to a man.

Yes, I am a feminist and I will be one until everyone has equal rights and are seen as equal! Then I will be a normal woman, but for now I am a feminist.

Women should unite. Help one another when you know something is wrong. We are strong! Stronger than you can imagine.

I know about abuse, because I was also subjected to it by my biological father. I know how it feels to be powerless and to be afraid for your own life. But the responsibility of the extent of the abuse, does not only lie with the abuser, but with you and how much you will allow until you say: ENOUGH!

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A woman's rights doesn't end in August, it should be everlasting. Women should help one another and unite. Help a friend out if you see them struggling and be a shoulder to cry on.

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